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Looking forward

Feb 7

Written by:
2/7/2013 1:17 AM 


Even before January’s patch reached our clients I admit I had casted doubt on the way ArenaNet is going to utilize the period of time between this update and the next one. There are lots of players these days in game that have already reached their long term goals such as the acquisition of a Legendary weapon, while others just struggle everyday by repeatedly running dungeons over and over again in order to do so. A content-free update may sound like a step back of what’s been promised so far, but does that necessarily mean that there’s no fun included?

Let’s take the laurels system for example. In order to get your hands on one of those brand new ascended amulets, you have to either complete daily achievements (each provides you with 1 laurel) or rush for achieving the monthly one (which provides you with 10 laurels for your head and only). Considering that these shinnies among shinnies cost 30 laurels each, you can gain access to one of them within 20 days. That’s right! If you manage to login each day just to complete your daily, by the time you are sporting an ascended amulet around your toon’s neck you will be just a few days away from the next update. Isn’t that cool?

Well, it’s definitely smart. It’s a smart move by ArenaNet in order to keep us all busy while the upcoming updates line up. Because who could possibly deny free monthly updates of that scale, the latest of which being slightly over 1Gb, while abandoning the already forsaken by the MMO industry subscription model. I don’t look away from the fact that there are lots to be done in terms of profession balancing, world and feature polishing, or implementing various group activities, some of which our dear friend Tasha Darke mentioned the other day. What I’m trying to imply is that even if the current in game content doesn’t please you, you can always take a step back from dealing daily with the game. No subscription requirement means that you can come back whenever you feel up to it and I can assure you that Tyria won’t look or feel the same as it did before.

Some days ago I decided to turn to you guys and ask for your opinion on the matter. The question on our twitter stream was: “Do you think that the current in game content can keep you playing Guild Wars 2 till the next patch comes out?”. The reaction was quite unexpected to be honest. Almost 80-85% of those that replied back, and believe me they were a lot, seem to have something to fight for while walking along the never-ending road of Guild Wars 2’s current endgame. What’s saddening though in my humble opinion, is that most, if not all, people state as their only goal at the current state of the game the acquisition of a legendary weapon.

The purpose of this article from the very beginning was to rebuild Tyria in front of your very eyes and let all of you know of what you are missing by just standing in front your computer’s screen. What’s the definition of an MMO, if I may ask? Do the words Massive Multiplayer Online sound in your ears just like those of an average video game? What’s the real purpose of building online communities? If you ask me, I would trade any moment of gold farming or forum ranting, with some time of relaxation along with my online friends, doing a jumping puzzle maybe, while listening to music and spreading our craziness all around the in game chat.

That’s it for now. I’d like to thank you for spending a minor amount of your time to read my mumbling. In case you would want to add something or criticize my way of picturing the current state of Guild Wars 2, you’ve got the space right below the article all yours.

(Just when I was about to upload this article, ArenaNet unveiled the contents of February's patch which will be covered extensively with a future post)

The article was written while listening to this masterpiece over here. Special thanks go to Numbbi for the suggestion. ;)

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Re: Looking forward

Cool article man,and yeah it kinda sad to think that the only goal most ppl have in frond of them is to make a legendary.

By Ceribro on   2/7/2013 3:21 AM

Re: Looking forward

Well said. I'd like to comment on a couple of things though.
First off, people who reply to poll/questions are those who actually care about the game. This implies that none of those who feel that they've had enough of GW2 (for a while maybe) or they've reached their "long term goals", participated in that poll. So, yes, those who actually did are in fact people who still find GW2 to be attractive to them. (I count myself among them, even though I did not respond).
Second, ArenaNet are definitely NOT stupid. Be it a carrot-on-a-stick or not, they intend to give us each month something to do until, well, the next month. For people like myself, who has yet a long way to go before i achieve my "long term goals", that's more than enough; sometimes it actually feels like it's an excess really. For all the "accomplished" players on the other hand this might feel like less of a treat and more of a trick. Understandable. But is this a valid reason to put blame on a company who does not force you to play their game, indirectly, by asking you to pay subscription for it? Or perhaps the blame is on ourselves who are indeed used to playing such games day in and day out, from dusk 'til dawn, precisely because we pay for our time of 'fun'.
Third, is the matter of "laurels" and all those other 'tokens' currently in the game (which, as i hear, are only going to increase in number). Their purpose of existence is to provide for each player a means of acquiring all those "shinnies" in the game - be it a handsome weapon skin or an ascended trinket. Again, old-timers of the MMO genre jump the gun to the accusation: "that's grinding!". And they rightfully blame ArenaNet for resolving to something they explicitly said their game would lack. Or did they? As far as i can remember, what ArenaNet had promised us, from the very start with their manifesto, was that everything would be accessible to everyone. And step by step they carefully proceed to fulfill that promise. Through grinding, you ask? Well, I cannot for the life of me see how being rewarded with a set number of 'tokens' each time for every little thing you do in the game, can be worse than having to endlessly farm a specific area for an ultra-random material or do infinite number of dungeon runs hoping for that blasted boss chest to finally grace you with that weapon or whatever you crave for.
To cut a truly long comment short, I strongly believe ArenaNet are doing a fantastic job and are well on their tracks for achieving gaming godhood. Universal truth be told, however: one cannot satisfy everyone.

By thevalliant on   2/7/2013 9:47 AM

Re: Looking forward

Jumping puzzles and DJ Tylion are not rpg. Waiting for guild mission with anxiety.

By Spartakos on   2/7/2013 11:41 AM

Re: Looking forward

@Spartakos: no, they are not rpg. But they are FUN. And some of us play the game for fun, so we love Jumping Puzzles and DJ Til.

By thevalliant on   2/7/2013 12:03 PM

Re: Looking forward

@thevalliant That's exactly what I was trying to say and please excuse me if I limited the discussion on legendaries. Any MMO could feel grindy if you play in that way. Would ArenaNet ever get rid of the so called grindy dungeon farming? Of course not, because the game itself does not force you into playing with such a particular playstyle.

@Spartakos I'm sorry mate but I have to disagree with you there. Every community sets its' own standards down the road and I can assure you that Dragon Season is looking forward to take part in Guild Missions without altering our role in the game.

By Tilion on   2/7/2013 12:36 PM

Re: Looking forward

nice article tilion :)

By Mogrey665 on   2/7/2013 1:04 PM

Re: Looking forward

I <3 DJ Til but this has nothing to do with GW2

By Spartakos on   2/7/2013 2:20 PM

Re: Looking forward

A thoughtful article Tilion; I can see why you wanted some inspiring music! I disagree with thevaliant because you asked in Twitter rather than in-game - there will be many people who saw and replied to that tweet who are not playing the game as much.

The most important thing to me is the community, this is where I feel GW2 has had something missing compared to the original GW but the truth of the matter is, I feel this has more to do with people in general than the game - when we were kids, how many of us could have a great time with friends, making a castle and building our own story with friends using no more than a few cardboard boxes and a little imagination?

Something I love about Dragon Season is that there are many people there who make their own fun; you mentioned being a bit crazy listening to music and grouping up for a jumping puzzle, this is a great example of making your own fun and something all guilds should be able to organise.

That said, ArenaNet are LISTENING to the community which is something pretty much unique, for this alone I am willing to be patient and forgive a few mistakes here and there. In this month's update, guild challenges will be introduced to assist participation and players will be able to choose their own dailies, which should greatly help those who do not have their own imagination and ability to interact in a group to rely on!

So although I may spend time doing other things as well, I will keep spending time in Tyria with my new friends and I will always find something to do even if I have to build my own castle! I'm very happy with the state of the game :)

By Lista del Fuego on   2/7/2013 4:39 PM

Re: Looking forward

well interesting article, and i see also the serious fact that ArenaNet provide us updates with improvements on their game for free of charge, of course they dont add whole new maps (although they did like the karka island, btw bring back the rich ore !!! ) but they fix the issues of the game to the right direction ...

about fun, i dunno but still with 890 hours totally and still havent explored 100% the map, or gathered mats for legendar, just play having fun in guild runs, or exploring the world with my girlfriend or logging just for the daily and leaving again ... all these personal facts made me believe that this is the perfect casual MMO !!!

about the long term targets and the available grind i dunno, for sure it has targets and items only for hardcore gamers and the casuals see the twilight walking next to them and feel sad ... also the long term target of the game "the Legendary" is based on luck and on how much gold you have on your pockets ... it would be better if it was based on how much skill you have or how much you play .. and for example instead of 250 stack of materials could be an achievement link on how many evades or combo finishers you have done, or the precursor could be linked with a birthday stat on your character ... or there could be a time based reward for the dungeons linked to the legendary hunt ...

anyway the above are just personal ideas :P
back to the waiting my Char is for sure curious to see what will happen with the living story, and what will be the guild missions,i hope along with this they would improve the squads UI which is just missing, it would be nice to see the members of the squad in the map or the leader of the squad to type messages in front of the screen like shouts ...

anyway thnx for the starting for a kinda serious discussion @Tilion : )

By Loulaki on   2/7/2013 7:46 PM

Re: Looking forward

I definitely agree, what is important in an MMO is to enjoy your time carefree with your friends. I see no point in trying to prove that I am better than them. I look forward to guild missions and more fun activities. Nice article Chris.

By Achilles on   2/8/2013 1:27 AM

Re: Looking forward

Very nice article Chris, as always.

You are right and i agree with your thoughts, MMO's are social games and the main goal (at least for me) is to have fun with your friends, under a nice, mature, funny and friendly atmo.

On the other hand the game itself must offer the right gameplay so the players to achieve the above goal and have fun.

GW2 is a beautiful and shiny game, with many aspects and a lot of things to do: solo/grp PVE, PVP, exploration, achievments, crafting, jumpin puzzles etc. The graphics are lovely for a MMO and the game atmo is nice. Also its really great that Anet is updating the content on an almost monthly basis w/o any kind of extra fee.
I really like the design of the game, the world is beautiful, classes are very interesting, leveling is trully amazing, no ninjaing around, crafting system is nice.

But sooner or later you will reach the end-game. Here the weak points of the game are making their appearance. The lack of mass-pve dungeons, aka raids, its a huge huge minus for me. I want that kind of end-game goal : to reach and finally kill the main evil through a series of raids, alongside with your guildies, not the hardcore way, but with patience, respect, friendship and nice cooperation.

I cannot accept that in the end-game i have to be a part of a frenzy farming to craft a legendary weapon, or to complete jumpin puzzles, or to fully explore areas, or to run different levels of a 5man dungeon with the same, almost, kind of mobs.

On the other hand, i cannot fit into that "non-holy-trinity" thing. Im not blaming Anet ofc. MMO genre was in a bad need of something new and prolly ANET's idea is not that bad...i just cannot fit. We had a lot of talk with guildies bout that, specially with the legendary Thevalliant. I agree with him: ANET want us to play a different way, to learn how to co-operate, to apply the combos and special skills of the classes etc.
But unfortunately i cannot fit. Im a traditional tank-healer-mdps-rdps kind of group PVE'er.

Now, bout PVP. Im a pure PVE kind of gamer, group PVE tbh, but i found the PVP part of the game very interesting, specially the wvwvw. Unfortunatelly my HW is a bit obsolete, so it was more than clear that im not able to participate in any kind of wvwvw activity with fps around 8-12 all of the time.

So, what is GW2 in my eyes? Definteley the best game of 2012, nothing less, but nothing more as well im afraid. I had high expetations from the game, but when it comes to end-game i cannot find any kind of fun -for me- around. So i had to quit for the above reasons, after 3,5 months of GW2 gaming on a daily basis.

GW2 is always in my PC and i know Tyria will be there, alive and kicking, waiting. Most likely i will come back when a new expansion appears, or maybe sooner, who knows?

Last but not least, i have to admit that the greatest thing for me in GW2 was to be a part of DS, by far the greatest ever MMO community i've met so far and even if im not playing the game atm i consider myself as a part of the community and im very proud of it.

<3 you peeps!


By Gerontas on   2/15/2013 10:40 AM

Re: Looking forward

@Gerontas That's the whole point mate. You'll always be a member of the DS family. :)

By Tilion on   2/15/2013 1:24 PM

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