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A song of Flame and Frost

Jan 23

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1/23/2013 6:50 PM 


How ya doing folks? I wish a Happy 2013 to all of our lovely readers. I bet this is going to be a fantastic year for every Guild Wars 2 fan out there, judging by what Colin “the smile” Johanson had in store for us last week.

January has come and almost gone but please don’t be wary to express your enthusiasm, cause yet another major update for our favorite game is upon us. “Flame and Frost” is due to hit our clients on January the 28th.

First of all let’s summarize a little bit of what Colin said last week. He basically presented a six month long design plan which focuses on polishing every tiny aspect of the already established parts of the game. ArenaNet seems to invest even more on the community aspect of the game. They want to strengthen the bonds between the players by introducing large scale content such as Guild Missions. A complete overhaul of the daily achievements system, reasons to explore in PvE, revamped Boss and monster encounters, an introduction to the e-sport side of sPvP and a reiteration of the designing process of WvW are some of the things that were promised.

Starting with this month’s update the players are going to get their hands on some of these things. “Flame and Frost” will be the prelude to an epic saga that is going to unfold before our eyes in the months to come. The update exclusively consists of features, either revamped old ones or even some new ones, rather than content. There’s a new currency to reward the brand new daily based achievements, which provide you access to Ascended Gear. Furthermore the long awaited by the fans function of Guesting will be implemented to the game coming Monday. It will come along with paid server transfers, which from now on are going to take place under a certain price of gems.

That’s all for now. Consider the space just below the article as a place where you can discuss the future of Guild Wars 2. Let us know of your thoughts and we’ll get right back at you answering all of your questions.

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Re: A song of Flame and Frost

"Rewarding" is Colin's favorite word.

By admin on   1/23/2013 10:52 PM

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