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What to expect in November

Nov 6

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11/6/2012 7:55 PM 


Ahoy mates! Put on your pirate uniforms, dig out your dusty eye-patches and get ready to fire your cannons. November’s update is almost here and we’ve gathered all the things you definitely need to know about it.

What’s up with that pirate themed introduction, you ask? Well, judging by what ArenaNet has come up with for the upcoming content, we are up to disembark on “The Lost Shores.

So, first of all, let’s recall what’s in the company’s mind regarding the additional content policy. Colin Johanson has stated this in the past: “We do appreciate that you'd like to buy lots of new content, but we'd prefer to give a lot of it to you for free, because that's what we think a responsible MMO company does.” Breaking this statement down and judging by the frequency of the so far released content updates, it seems that we will be getting such a massive free expansion each month.

This time, MMORPG.com's Pokket interviewed Colin on what to expect from “The Lost Shores”. All those of you who find foreknowledge worthy enough should definitely watch the show on demand or if you are one of those who feel extremely tired of watching the entire 30 minutes thing, you can always have a look on the most intriguing parts as listed by the ingenious, as always, redditors.

In addition to what we may expect after the November 15th release of the update, the developers were kind enough to provide us with some in game surprises, which have hereby gone live as of now. The world of Tyria is changing. We can easily tell so by translating the rather lately deployed New Krytan signs and posters that are scattered around the entire Lion’s Arch. Beached whales have been spotted, while people stated that they came across a brand new Asura Gate. Do all of these things sound like a mystery to you? Fear not, cause Dulfy has done excellent job summing up all you need to know about these teasers.

Last but not least, Martin Kerstein showed up yesterday on the official forums giving us a heads up on when to expect each phase of “The Lost Shores”. Read his sayings and be sure to plan your schedules accordingly.

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Re: What to expect in November

Excitement! -surely- mixed with a feeling of... anguish! At this rate -one content update per month?- i feel like i'm running on an exercise treadmill: i'll never reach the end of it! But, in all honesty, I love these guys and the things they come up with. It's a sweet torture, really ^^

By thevalliant on   11/7/2012 8:27 AM

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