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Yet another Computer Engineering student. He has served as the graphics designer of several websites in the past. When he is not working on Dragon Season related stuff, he likes to hang out with his online friends in Guild Wars. Although he is an anime junkie and a passionate fantasy book reader, he can only admit his addiction to souvlaki.

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Halloween in Tyria

Oct 13

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10/13/2012 7:30 PM 


Yesterday ArenaNet announced the very first major game release for Guild Wars 2. It is going to hit our clients on October 22 and feature brand new PvE and PvP material, as well as a week-long Halloween event.

Mad King Thorn is back after 250 years of “slumber”. Shall we say that his goodie bags are full of tricks? Well, there’s no argue on that! One thing is for sure though. He’s coming along with loads of treats for the eagerly awaiting Guild Wars 2 players. Spooky costumes, the long awaited PvP Paid Tournaments, new dynamic events, jumping puzzles, bosses and mini-dungeons are some of the many features that are going to come along with this new update.

Follow the link below to learn more on the upcoming content and be sure to get your desktop right into the mood of the festivities with the attached wallpapers:


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Re: Halloween in Tyria

New content?!?! Already???This can only mean two things: ArenaNet is following on the steps of the original GW (that's a great thing!) and they have enough employees to both work on improving the game AND creating new content (which is even better!!). Given both assumptions are true, I think it's safe to guess we'll get a MAJOR update when we hit the 6-months mark. Zhaitan will have been killed/abolished about half a billion times by then, so he'll call for reinforcements :))

By thevalliant on   10/22/2012 8:02 AM

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