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Reportage: Pink day in LA

Oct 28

Written by:
10/28/2011 2:20 PM 


Saturday, 15 October 2011,


            The ingenious team of DragonSeason.com was, once again, at duty's call, where news happen. For the second consecutive year, Gamers Giving Back and Gaming World Entertainment Network (GW-EN) organized the Pink Day in LA. October is a month devoted to breast cancer awareness and the community of Guild Wars once again acted united under a noble cause.

            During the midday, October 15th, the international districts of Lion's Arch were full of life. A crazy party took place. Games and competitions were being broadcast live on many websites, bringing the players closer. With the help of the community, more than 13,000 dollars were accumulated and donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

            Let's take a look at how we lived this event. All members of Dragon Season were scattered across international districts of Lion's Arch well before the beginning of the Pink Day. Our joy was great when we met old friends and talked with them once again. We were there, in front of the camera of Loremaster Kaae and of GuildWars2Live.com, echoing the message of the day, but also when Malchior Devenholm was running around giving away candies and alcohol. However, our joy was even greater when we met more new friends. The organizers of the event, despite being extremely busy so that everything was perfect, were very friendly to us and always found a moment to talk with us. 

John Ryan (Left)
and Angel McCoy (Right).

            Moreover, two of the developers of Guild Wars 2 were also present, showing their support for this cause. John Ryan and Angel McCoy, both story writers for Guild Wars 2, managed to give a different tone to the whole event, each with their own, unique way. Through the radio broadcast of GW-EN, John made sure that the event was funny and optimistic. Mrs McCoy, who writes the dialogue for the Asura and the Sylvari, was, too, once diagnosed with breast cancer. However, with patience and courage, she managed to bring a positive conclusion to that quest for her life. So, she was with us, presenting the facts and the results of various research done in the field, showing us this side of the problem. Did you know what one in eight women is diagnosed, at some point in her life, with breast cancer?

            The continuation of the event proved to be amazing, since both developers entered the whole game with us. All the players started bombarding them with questions about Guild Wars 2, but they didn't want to spoil the message of that day. Minutes went by and when we finally had to say goodbye to them, concluding what we lived on that fine day, we all hugged Angel by making a giant heart around her.

            Concluding this report from Lion's Arch, I want to say that we are very proud to also bring with us one of the great prizes of the competition. A whole run of the Fissue of Woe with the team of GW-EN, as well as an obsidian armor and all the drops of all the players of the party. So, I'm embedding this screenshot from the completion of the run and the claiming of the prize (along with the video of the whole run).

            We'd like to thank the organizers of Pink Day in LA who proved once more that the community of a game can be capable of great things. So, we leave you with a promise: the team of GW-EN assured us that, next year, we'll be celebrating in Lion's Arch of Guild Wars 2.

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