Analyzing Profession Elite Skills

Oct 14

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10/14/2011 7:20 PM 


The elite skills are the most powerful abilities of the professions in Guild Wars 2. They are a barometer, when used in battle. It is the strongest card of every profession and therefore, it should be balanced. Below we analyze the already known elite skills for each profession, however we are aware that there's much more that hasn't been announced yet.

As of now, there are three categories of capacity among the elite skills of the professions. In the first category are the Necromancer, the Elementalist and the Warrior, who use the elite skills to assemble powerful abilities that replace those in the weapon bar. Immediately after follow the Engineer, the Ranger and the Thief who acquire offensive and defensive skills. The Guardian comes last and buried under an avalanche, with a single ability to protect.

Glancing at each profession

The Necromancer, with the Lich form, transforms into a demon, gifted with strong abilities that makes any enemy look powerless before him. He has another elite skill, the Plague, that transforms him into a virulent cloud of plague that inflicts multiple conditions on foes he touches.

 Feel the rage of the Lich Form

The Elementalist, with the Fiery Greatsword, wields an environmental weapon which, once equipped, gives him divine abilities. His second elite, the Tornado, transforms him into a tornado (of course) that sweeps everything in its path, causing chaos.

The Guardian, with Sanctuary, forms a shelter that protects himself and his allies from enemies and enemy fire. Its peculiarity is that allies inside the shelter cannot attack the opponent.

The Warrior, with Battle Standard, puts a flag on the ground that strengthens and revives fallen allies. His next elite, the Destruction, converts all of his attacks into area-of-effect attacks. He has one more, Rampage, which leads him into a fist-fighting frenzy that endows him with powerful skills. 

The Engineer with the Supply Crate throws munitions - like flamethrowers - on a selected area. They operate just as those of the Engineer and may be used by everyone. With his second elite, Elixir X, he takes a random elite skill from another profession, like invisibility, speed in movement and attacks, transformation into a plague cloud or a tornado.

The Ranger, with Alpha Strike, calls all three of his pets for a limited time, depending on what the environmental conditions permit. His next elite, Nature's Renewal, invokes a spirit that provides stability to allies and renewing the life bar of downed allies. His last one, the Quickening Zephyr, bestows accelerated movement and attack speed on him and his pet.

The Thief, with Dagger Storm, spins around and throws multiple daggers in all directions. His other elite is the one that makes him popular: the Invisible Stalker, which gives him the ability to be invisible for a limited time, even while he attacks.  


Right now, the profession elite skills are unbalanced. The Guardian can’t use them to attack, but only to defend. As a result, he is weak in solo combat. Where the opponent will collect energy to perform the elite skill and judge the battle, the Guardian can’t reciprocate the fatal blow.  

The Engineer, the Ranger and the Thief lack capacity before their opponents, because they get only one or two abilities while others get a fully replaced weapon skill bar, with five new powerful abilities, when they are performing their respective elite skills.  

Finally, the Necromancer, the Elementalist and the Warrior are the most favored of all, as their elite skills grant them  powerful abilities that replace the weapon skill bar. This leads to an imbalance among the professions, since the elite skills are their strongest card.


 The Battle Standard. One of the warrior's elite skills.


However, the way ArenaNet has handled the skills of the professions ensures that they can be balanced much more easily than could be in any other MMO. This is because they have locked the skills to specific slots in the skill bars. For example, all the healing skills will be at the sixth slot of the skill bar and balancing them will probably be a matter of just one action. It is also well known that the game is still in closed alpha test stage and many things will have changed until release.

– Achilles


What’s your opinion on profession elite skills? Do you think that they are going to be balanced once the game is released? Let us know with a comment below.

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Re: Analyzing Profession Elite Skills

This is only a small sample of elite skills, so there are certainly more to come. Also, elite skills are situational, they are used to change the course of a battle, and in certain situations, they can prove more effective than others.

While you may say that the guardian has the weakest elite skill. It's the only skill on the list that can counter any of the other elite skills. For example, if you playing PvP on The Battle of Khylo, and your fighting on the clocktower, if the entire other team pops all of their elite skills at the same time. A guardian can use his elite and instantly his team has protection from the entire other team. Thus, once it expires, and the other team has used their elites, you are in a much more favorable position, and your team still has 4/5 of their elites that they can use to turn the battle.

I believe you have to look at the bigger picture of things, as the classes work in unison in order to accomplish greater things.

By Fatalis on   10/14/2011 10:25 PM

Re: Analyzing Profession Elite Skills

Ι don’t dispute. The Guardian's sanctuary is the only actual defensive elite skill. It will has a dramatic effect on the tide of a team battle in WvWvW. But what happens if you are alone in a solo battle and your enemy use his elite skill to hit you? What will you do to reciprocate the fatal blow? The Guardian needs an offensive elite skill to compete equally in a solo battle. However there will be more elite skill until the release of the game.

By Achilles on   10/15/2011 12:04 AM

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