Hall of Monuments & The Bounty Hunter

Jan 16

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Having already completed the Prophecies & Eye of the North (EotN) campaigns and being out of friends willing to play Guild Wars any more, I turned to other MMOs. Until one day fate dictated that I should meet a guy named Tilion, through another forum but due to our mutual love for Guild Wars. I read (and translated!) his amazing guide on how to collect 30 points in the Hall of Monuments. Note that when this guide was written and posted, it was the ONLY one available on the 'net – and not just in the greek language.

Anyway, the important thing here is that this guide was the sparkle that set my interest for the game ablaze again, the beginning of a journey to new lands, in Cantha and Elona, and a chance of meeting new people. Among these new acquaintances, both PC and NPC, were Helena, Emryd, Wynn and Zehnchu. And I have discovered how important they are and how willing to aid in harvesting those 30 points for the HoM.

1. Zaishen Bounty Hunter & Pets
2. Pets & Death Leveling
3. Faction Points Hunter

1. Zaishen Bounty Hunter & Pets

     By the time you finish the campaigns and gain access to the Great Temple of Balthazar & the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds, you can begin to take up Zaishen Challenge Quests to earn Zaishen Coins. The goal is to collect 5 Gold Zaishen Coins to buy (unlock) the Black Widow pet, thus avoiding the hassle of the Underworld.

     There are 4 types of Zaishen Challenge Quests, which change every day at 4pm (UTC) and repeated in a cyclical manner as shown on this page. A different number of Copper Zaishen Coins is rewarded depending on their type, with extra coins being given if you also do the BONUS part. These 4 types are: (a) Mission - where you have to do a mission from the campaign(s) we own, just as we did in the normal run of the game. It's the easiest and fastest of the Zaishen Challenges and therefore give very few coins, (b) Bounty - where we are asked to kill a boss, typically buried in the deepest bowels of a dungeon. It is the most time consuming but also the most 'profitable' in coins’ terms, (c) Combat - associated with PvP wins in arenas (3-6-9 wins), and (d) Vanquish - which asks you to do some floor-sweeping of an entire explorable area (annihilation of ALL mobs) in Hard Mode! The reward is commensurate with the size of the area - and thus the number of monsters therein.

(The Zaishen Challenges banners and Zehnchu)

     Depending on the time you wish to spend and your preferences (three types are PvE and one is PvP) you choose your poison. The more Copper Zaishen Coins you collect every day the better it is, of course! The 5 Gold Zaishen Coins we aim for correspond to 5x10x50 = 2500 Copper Zaishen Coins (plus a little gold for the conversion). If you collect 100 Copper Zaishen Coins daily (a quite feasible number), you'll need -at least- 25 days to unlock the pet. When you consider how long it takes to finish ALL the missions (campaigns) of the game, 25 days is merely... a drop in the ocean! As a matter in fact, they accumulate even before you know it!

The procedure is as follows:

i.    Do whatever Zaishen (daily) Quests you can. We receive them before 6pm by interacting with the flags found in The Great Temple of Baltzazar (or Elona Beach) and delivered them to Zehnchu standing beside them. Be aware of the time you receive them, otherwise you will lose a day... Do not rush to convert your Copper to Silver or Gold, unless you have space in your inventory or warehouse ;)

ii.    Once you amass the 2500 Copper Zaishen Coins, convert them to Gold Zaishen Coins by talking to the NPCs located next to Zehnchu. You also need to pay 5x150 = 750 gold for the conversion.

iii.    If your main profession is not Ranger, choose Ranger as your secondary to have access to the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds – accessible from The Great Temple of Balthazar. Anyway, you will have to do this so you can deliver your (already) charmed pet before you can get the next one.

iv.    If you already have a charmed pet in your possession, take it to the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds and deliver it to Emryd the Tamer. What’s more, if you turn in a pet which had been charmed in an explorable area and raised to level 20 by you, she rewards you with 100 gold!

v.    Once in the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds, speak to Helena (Zaishen Keeper) and select the following dialogue:
«I would like you to acquire a specific animal.»
«It's an exotic animal.»
«Black widow spider»
«I'll spend my Zaishen Coins and gold.»
vi.    Helena will inform us that her people have fetched the animal and we can now find it at its natural “habitat”, as we can find all the Tier 1 animals we have turned in to Emryd by the way. To find this location we can ask any of the ‘Handler NPCs’ wandering around. For the Black Widow in particular, we must visit the Southeast Caves: see this map here, the purple colored spots. Go there and charm her. However, since the spider is not level 20, it cannot be dedicated to the HoM. So walk back to Helena and request her to… have it educated (trained) for us! This costs 12 Silver Zaishen Coins = 600 Copper Zaishen Coins & 600 gold. Alternatively we can educate it ourselves. See how in the next paragraph!

(Emryd, Wynn, Helena and the 'spawning den')

2. Pets & Death Leveling

     Both the (Imperial) Phoenix pet charmed in the Divine Path at the end of the Imperial Sanctum mission (Factions) and the Black Widow (Spider) we get from the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds in the manner described above, must be raised to level 20 before we can devote them to the HoM. There are 3 ways one can go about to do this.

i.    Have the pet with us in all our expeditions. This requires one of our profession to be Ranger, have one of the 3 skills that makes the pet follow us (preferably the non-elite skill Comfort Animal, so that we can resurrect it as well) equipped at all times, and the pet set on 'Heel mode' so that it won’t get killed in every encounter. This method is both time-consuming and also ‘costs’ us one precious skill slot.

ii.    Pay Helena (Zaishen Keeper) for its training. This costs 12 Silver Zaishen Coins = 600 Copper Zaishen Coins & 600 gold. If you have them, you toss them and you’re done.

iii.    By utilizing a method known as «death leveling».

     In a few words, this method is about letting the animal kill us and gain XP at our expense, thus going up in levels. To achieve this we need the right conditions: a safe place, specific skills (build), the right party and finally the appropriate gear (armor & weapon) which will enable us... to die instantly and get back up again at once!

     The recipe for success then, presented here for the Black Widow (Spider) but applied unaltered for the (Imperial) Phoenix as well, is as follows - the Italicized notify what I’ve utilized myself:

0. After acquiring the animal (buy the Spider / charm the Phoenix) we notice it is level 5, which translates to Tier 1. Before we can continue we must raise it to Tier 2, i.e. level 12 unevolved. Best and fastest way to do this is by talking to Helena (Zaishen Keeper) and asking her to 'train' it for us. We must pay 1 Silver Zaishen Coin (=50 Copper) plus 100 gold coins.

1.    Take the pet to the Zaishen Menagerie Grounds and release it with Helena (Zaishen Keeper). Caution: we need the Charm Animal skill in our skill bar so we can re-charm it afterwards!

2.    Talk to Wynn and ask her to release the same pet again - let's take the example of the Black Widow (Spider) – through the following dialogue:
«I want to see an animal with a specific evolution.»
«It's something a little more exotic.»
«Black widow spider»
3.    We witness 4 pets of said type (and level) appear in the ‘den’ next to us, ready to be charmed.

(Wynn spawning 4 charmable animals - Phoenix)

4.    In Zaishen Menagerie Grounds the group size is 4, so we can bring up to 3 Heroes / Henchmen along. Equip them with hard-resurrection skills, i.e. they do not require a morale boost to use, such as Rebirth, Restore Life, Resurrect, and Unyielding Aura (Monk), «We Shall Return!» (Paragon), «Flesh Of My Flesh» (Ritualist). The skill «Quickening Zephyr» (Ranger) helps reduce the skill recharge times around the party. So choosing Ranger as the secondary profession for any of the 3 Heroes that we brought with us grants us access to it. I used: Ogden (Monk) on «Unyielding Aura», «Resurrection» & «Resurrection Chant», Hayda (Paragon) with «Signet of Return» & "I Will Return!" And Pyre Fierceshot (Ranger) with «Quickening Zephyr».

5.    We disable (Shift + Click) all the skills of our Heroes except those mentioned above. We also put them in the 'avoid combat mode'.

6.    Armor: any armor, which we have enchanted with Superior Runes (-75 HP), so our max HP is as low as possible. For me (Ranger), those 4 pieces of Superior Runes (did not use one for the mask) cost me 800 gold, bought from the Rune Trader NPC.

7.    Weapon: we need a 'vampiric' weapon, one which causes «health regeneration -1». I used the Forgotten Hornbow.

8.    Skills (our own): besides Charm Animal, you will need one that steals HP from yourself, such as «Blood Is Power» (Necromancer). So we choose this profession as our secondary, if not our primary already. I used «Offering of Blood» instead.

9.    Procedure: select one of the 4 released animals (see # 3 above) and initiate the "Charm Animal" process enough to make it turn hostile and start attacking you. Stop the skill before it is charmed! Switch your weapon to the ‘vampiric’ one. Go on to commit suicide, by constantly casting "Blood Is Power" or "Offering of Blood". Continue doing this until you are left with almost 1 max HP. Now every time you die and get resurrected by your Heroes, you will die again almost instantly, earning your pet-to-be some valuable XP. Do not worry about losing aggro (Odgen gets the aggro almost immediately): you will still die and the animal continues to gain XP. Now go make yourself a sandwich or any yummy snack you fancy, then return ... The animal will be, as if by magic, level 20! Change your gear again to your 'normal' set (armor & weapon) and proceed to charm the animal properly this time. Overall, it took me about 20 minutes from level 5 to 20!!!

3. Faction Points Hunter

     During the Factions campaign, in order to access the final missions, you will need to collect 10000 faction points for the Kurzick and other 10000 for the Luxon. There are two ways to do this: (a) either by repeatedly doing the cooperative (PvP) mission Jade Quarry , in turn for the side of each faction, in their respective outposts (Jade Quarry (Kurzick) & Jade Quarry (Luxon), or (b) through PvE. Admittedly, with a strike of luck and enough skill, the goal is more easily achieved by PvP. Me, on the other hand, prefer the hard way – let alone that I am a total noob in PvP and and PvE deity, so… The method I describe is fully tested and successful (Q&A Test Passed!) and is quite generic – for example, when you wish to level up your character.

     In each area there are NPCs that assign quests. Visit that area’s web page in Guild Wars wiki and look under the section titled «Quests Available». The quests listed there are typically completed in that area. Moreover, in the «Exits» section we are informed about what other areas border ours. Visit any of these "exits" that are outposts: chances are you will find NPCs offering  quests for the area of interest. Note down which of the quests you got are repeatable ones.

(Faction points blessing: Bribing and Buying)

     In addition to the above… quest-behavioral rules and in regards to the two particular quests mentioned above, there is one more thing that helps us even more to achieve our goal. In areas of both the Kurzick & the Luxon people, next to each resurrection shrine in their possession, you will find an NPC (Priest) who, for a measly 100 gold coins, will give you a blessing: +10 Faction points for each mob kill. If you don’t think that’s any worth, just take into account that for a single 'round trip' you do through any area for questing purposes, you’ll get to kill, on average, 50-100 mobs. That translates to 500-1000 points of extra rewarded points! This way, and that’s a fact, those 10000 points are collected in a single afternoon! Note that wherever there are resurrection shrines owned e.g. by the Luxon in an otherwise Kurzick-occupied area, a different approach is required: bribe the Luxon Priest (50 gold) to ... convert his beliefs and then offer you (for another 100 gold) his Kurzick blessing! Exactly the same happens with the 'invading' Kurzicks in the Luxon areas, just to set the record straight ;)

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Re: Hall of Monuments & The Bounty Hunter

Great post! It inspires me to go back to the game again!
I hope to meet you there

By Koen on   1/17/2012 9:19 AM

Re: Hall of Monuments & The Bounty Hunter

Thank you very much!!! It's a great feeling to see that people are still excited about this amazing game! Not to mention that someone likes smt I've written ^^
You bet you'll meet me there! Me and the great guys from Dragon Season are online 24/7 :)

By thevalliant on   1/17/2012 11:27 AM

Re: Hall of Monuments & The Bounty Hunter

There was a tiny flaw in my guide, which has been amended thunder-fast. Perhaps ANet could employ me to create patches? I'm a natural babe!!!

By thevalliant on   1/17/2012 8:49 PM

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