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Dec 24

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12/24/2011 9:17 PM 


It's Christmas Eve. People are making wishes and cooking and welcoming guests and hugging each other and singing songs about snow and preparing to watch Home Alone all over again...

So I open my laptop for a while and there's our other writer, Tilion, who's all like "I just made this holiday animation." And I'm all like "Hey, do I know you?". And he's all like "I need you to write an article to put it in" and I'm all like "Who turned the lights purple?". And he's all like "It would be cooler if it was from the admin". And I'm all like "I'm an admin?". Turns out I am. How cool is that? Anyway, to the job.

We, the administrators, writers, translators and other unseen members of the site's team, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this year bring love, Guild Wars 2, peace and hope to all of us, especially those who need them most.

From the team, Happy Holidays!

(Click on the card and let the magic fill the room)

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