DragonSeason.com is up!

Oct 4

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10/4/2011 11:07 PM 


Welcome to DragonSeason.com!

DragonSeason.com is a brand new fan site launched by a team of dedicated Guild Wars players, based in Greece. While it is one of the first Greek fan sites about Guild Wars 2, we are determined to make sure that our content will be available in English and we hope to build an international fan base of players who are as passionate about Guild Wars 2 as we are.

In the game, Dragon Season will also be a guild that welcomes equally both experienced players and newcomers. We aim to maintain both a pleasant community and a strong presence in the game world. And we will be very happy to have you in our ranks!

Until then, Balthazar bless you. (And Prince Rurik must survive.)

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Re: Dragon Oath is up!

....and prince Rurik must survive hahahaha

By portaldude on   10/6/2011 4:37 PM

Re: Dragon Oath is up!

We gonna rock Tyria!... Did you hear that Kralkatorick?

By Achilles on   10/7/2011 1:06 AM

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