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Oct 1

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After making a little detour in the living story to Moto's Super Adventure Box and defeating (or being defeated by) Tequatl, Scarlet is back and fighting for our attention again. She has set up a base in Twilight Arbor and it's up to our characters to shoo her away. As usual, we do not know what exactly she wants or plans, but it is pretty clear that whatever it is, we need to stop her from achieving her goal.

This new patch will introduce a new path for Twilight Arbor. The most important part first, in case you are wondering: Yes, this path will be a permanent addition! Unlike the other paths of Twilight Arbor, this one will be not for levels 55 up, but for level 80 only. The new path won't be the fourth path of the Twilight Arbor dungeon. Instead, it will replace the Forward/Up one. Don't worry about the related dungeon path achievement, though. If you have beaten the Forward/Up path before, then that achievement will stay the way it is.

The next part may contain spoilers, although I'll try to keep them light. If you are looking for a guide on how to beat the first part of this path, I'm sure you'll find plenty other websites that do this. I don't want to spoiler the fun and excitement of figuring out how to do something here.

What I can tell you is that this path will feature some kind of cooperative puzzles. Work together, coordinate and communicate! The first boss – or rather, bosses, as you will face two mobs – looked really challenging as well. After all, it has always been my dream of being covered in ooze pheromones…

Developers who did the Aetherblade Retreat and Molten Facility dungeons worked together to create this new path. They tried to incorporate their experiences from the two aforementioned dungeons when creating Twilight Assault. The design philosophy was to not overwhelm players with new mechanics all of a sudden. You are first taught how the mechanics work and then you will step into an encounter where you will need to show what you have learned. I am very curious to see how this works in practice.

You will be fighting against a lot of Aetherblades. If those have annoyed you before, you may be happy to hear that ArenaNet rebalanced a few of them. The thumpers have a better visual representation when they are shielded and some of them are less stun-heavy than before. Don’t worry, they will apparently still be challenging.

No new content without new rewards, of course. First of all, there will be a new achievement category in the Dungeon section that is only about the new Twilight Arbor path (called “Twilight Arbor Aetherpath”) which contains 7 achievements. These achievements will be permanent! “Twilight Assaulted” is the only achievement in the Living Story category this time, but it has 10 tiers. Each achievement from the “Twilight Arbor Aetherpath” category and each daily achievement related to the living story will increase “Twilight Assaulted” by one. As soon as you have gained 10 altogether, you will get your reward, the Slickpack. Additionally, completing the “Twilight Arbor Aetherpath” category will award you with a Mini Clockheart, which happens to be a miniature version of the final boss of this path. And if that’s not enough for you yet, then you may hope for getting lucky enough to have one of the new Nightmare weapons drop that have a blue visual effect. Thankfully, the latter will be sellable, so you will be able to just buy one off the Trading Post if your drop luck isn’t with you. Ascended weapons will not drop in this dungeon path, but the daily reward chest for its completion will include 2 gold!

Once you are done and killed the last boss, you are not yet finished! Aether key pieces drop much like during the dungeon and in open areas of the Maguuma jungle. Five of them can be combined to get a key which will let you open a chest in optional side events. A door will open up that will lead you to five optional side events which can all be soloed. So even if your party does not want to continue, you can do so on your own if you wish. Or, if your group prefers time-efficient dungeon running, you can all go do one of the side events. As long as you’re in a party and in the dungeon, you will get credit for each of those side events if they’re done, even if you didn’t do them yourself. The achievements related to these events will be repeatable and they will reward you with a lootbag at the end.

Altogether, this update sounds very promising: New permanent group content, that will hopefully be challenging, paired together with some nice rewards including a new mini and item skins.


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Re: Preview: Twilight Assault

Great preview Nadine!

Thanks a lot for the work that you put into the article. :)

By Tilion on   10/1/2013 3:10 PM

Re: Preview: Twilight Assault

I like the idea of the key-parts which drop in the open world and the chests being soloable. I wonder what kind of chests these are though.

By Maarius on   10/1/2013 3:10 PM

Re: Preview: Twilight Assault

nice nice :D i like the article-preview ;) good job but it's well known that DS people are awesome

By Mogrey665 on   10/1/2013 6:52 PM

Re: Preview: Twilight Assault

New path (to replace a problematic one), progressive learning of boss-fighting tactics, riddles to solve AND new rewards. I'm sold!
Well... almost! Where's the lore again? I'm eagerly waiting to see some juicy plot unfold :)
Thank you Nadine for the recap! Keep it coming !

By thevalliant on   10/1/2013 8:08 PM

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