Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Sep 2

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9/2/2013 2:33 PM 


I was going to post about something completely different – I had finished writing and translating it and everything really - but then THIS comes out and everything else suddenly seems so unimportant! ArenaNet’s reply to people asking, begging and crying for craftable Legendaries is… craftable Ascended Weapons! Not quite the same, of course, but is it necessarily worse? Let’s have a assiduous look at what it’s all about and find out. As an example I shall use the very weapon that developer Linsey Murdock demonstrated in the video – the brand new and purply ‘Wupwup Claymore (Ascended)’ greatsword.

   Like any weapon crafted by Weaponsmiths it comprises of 4 ‘ingredients’: an (ascended) inscription, two weapon parts (here: Hilt & Blade) and one special ‘material’ – in our case it’s the newly introduced ‘Vision Crystal’. The recipe for the weapon can be bought from the Master Crafter, next to the station, for 5 laurels plus 3 gold coins. From the same NPC we must also purchase the recipe to craft the ascended inscription, which will cost us 21,000 karma.

   Now that we’ve learned them both, we can start crafting it – or not? There are so many new materials involved in this process that make one’s head spin like a not-so-merry go round. Let’s have an extensive look at all of them, in an attempt to make heads and tails.

    Six new ‘raw materials’ are introduced, all of them of the ‘ascended’ quality. Three of them will be acquired from open world activities (PvE, WvW), two purchased from NPCs and one will be salvageable (randomly) from exotic items only! Moreover, the first three can be refined to give higher quality materials. Their refinement requires a new catalyst of course, which is typically purchased from the Master Crafter NPC:  it’s called ‘Thermocatalytic Reagent’ and costs 14 silver 96 bronze per 10 pieces. In addition to the six ‘ascended raw materials’ there’s the new craftable ‘item’ that I mentioned already, i.e. the Vision Crystal, which is made of the refined mats above. Finally there’s a new ‘mystic item’ involved, called ‘Angur’s Stone’ and can be bought from Miyani for 20 skill points.

The following table summarizes the new items and materials:



Raw material

Refined material

Cost (refine/create)


Ascended materials

champion bags

Pile of Bloodstone Dust

Brick of Bloodstone Dust

100 Piles of Bloodstone Dust

2 Obsidian Shards

10 ‘catalysts’

Obsidian Shard refinements

Temples, mega-bosses, Keeps & Castles

Dragonite Ore

Dragonite Ingot

100 Dragonite Ores

2 Obsidian Shards

10 ‘catalysts’

dungeons, mini-dungeons, jumping puzzles, Castles & Keeps

Empyrean Fragment

Empyrean Star

100 Empyrean Fragments

2 Obsidian Shards

10 ‘catalysts’

exotic item salvaging

Glob of Dark Matter




Master Crafter

Thermocatalytic Reagent (aka. ‘catalyst’


14,98 silver per 10


Ascended quality items


Angur’s Stone


20 skill points



Vision Crystal


5 Bloodstone Bricks

5 Dragonite Ingots

5 Empyrean Stars

1 Angur’s Stone


Common materials


Elder Wood Log

Glob of Elder Spirit Residue

50 Elder Wood Planks

1 Glob of Ectoplasm

10 ‘catalysts’

Ectoplasm refinements


Mithril Ore

Lump of Mithrilium

50 Mithril Ingots

1 Glob of Ectoplasm

10 ‘catalysts’


Soft Wood Log & Hard Wood Log & Seasoned Wood Log

Spiritwood Plank

20 Soft Wood Planks

20 Hard Wood Planks

10 Seasoned Wood Planks

1 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue

Common refinements


Iron & Platinum Ore(s)

Deldrimor Steel Ingot

20 Iron Ingots

10 Steel Ingots

20 Darksteel Ingots

1 Lump of Mithrilium

A few notes are in order here:

i. The exact recipe for the ‘Spiritwood Plank’ will be verified tomorrow, when the patch goes live. As soon as it does I will update this table, of course. Updated!

ii. The two ‘Ectoplasm refinements’ are on a 24h-timer, meaning that only one such refinement can be done per day, per account.

iii. The ‘Obsidian refinements’ are not on a timer, however the produced refined material(s) are automatically account-bound.

iv. The common refined materials are, as expected, tradeable.

v. The two ‘Ascended quality items’ are, of course, account bound.


   We now have a good, albeit generic picture of what’s involved. Let’s get a bit – a LOT actually – more specific. I will go through the process of creating the Wupwup Claymore (Ascended) step by step, listing the exact amount of materials as I do.



Step 1 : Acquiring the recipes [Master Crafter NPC]

-          Ascended Inscription recipe = 21,000 karma

-          Ascended Weapon recipe = 5 laurels + 3 gold coins


Step 2 : Ascended mystical item [Miyani]

-          Angur’s Stone = 20 skill points


Step 3 : Ascended Inscription craft

-          10 Globs of Dark Matter = salvage X exotic items

-          1 Deldrimor Steel Plated Dowel

o   3 Deldrimor Steel Ingots

§  20 Iron Ingots

§  10 Steel Ingots

§  20 Darksteel Ingots

§  1 Lump of Mithrilium

·         50 Mithril Ingots

·         1 Glob of Ectoplasm

·         10 ‘catalysts’

o   3 Spiritwood Planks

§  20 Soft Wood Planks

§  20 Hard Wood Planks

§  10 Seasoned Wood Planks

§  1 Glob of Elder Spirit Residue

·         50 Elder Wood Planks

·         1 Glob of Ectoplasm

·         10 ‘catalysts’

-          1 Exotic Inscription

o   5 Orichalcum Plated Dowels

§  3 Orichalcum Ingots

§  2 Ancient Wood Planks

o   5 Globs of Ectoplasm

o   5 [T6 material] – depending on weapon’s stats

-          10 Piles of Crystaline Dust


Step 4 : Craft weapon part #1 (e.g. greatsword hilt)

-          3 Deldrimor Steel Ingots

§  20 Iron Ingots

§  10 Steel Ingots

§  20 Darksteel Ingots

§  1 Lump of Mithrilium

·         50 Mithril Ingots

·         1 Glob of Ectoplasm

·         10 ‘catalysts’

-          5 Piles of Crystaline Dust

-          50 ‘catalysts’


Step 5 : Craft weapon part #2 (e.g. greatsword blade)

-          Same as Step 4, with a minor variation on the number of Deldrimor Steel Ingots required.


Step 6 : Crafting the Vision Crystal

-          5 Dragonite Ingots

o   100 Dragonite Ores

o   2 Obsidian Shards

o   10 ‘catalysts’

-          5 Empyrean Stars

o   100 Empyrean Fragments

o   2 Obsidian Shards

o   10 ‘catalysts’

-          5 Bloodstone Bricks

o   100 Piles of Bloostone Dust

o   2 Obsidian Shards

o   10 ‘catalysts’

-          1 Angur’s Stone


Step 7 : Crafting the Weapon itself

-          1 Ascended Inscription > see Step (3)

-          1 Weapon part#1 > see Step (4)

-          1 Weapon part#1 > see Step (5)

-          1 Vision Crystal > see Step (6)


   Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an amazing, lethal, spectacular and damn top-notch Ascended Weapon! Go get your offensive infusion(s) now, to make it even more awsome. Remember: 1 offensive infusion slot for one-handed ones, 2 for the two-handed. You will want to socket in an exotic Sigil as well I’ll bet, so knock yourself out. Then travel to Orr and knock out some of those blasted Risen Thralls who are responsible for over 20 million player deaths already!

ArenaNet claimed it will take (an average of?) two weeks to craft one. What they DIDN’T tell us is how much it will cost us. I do not wonder why. But I DO wonder about the actual cost. So I took out my trusted notepad, sharpened my pencil and got down to do the math.


TOTAL (estimated) COST


- KARMA = 21,000



- IRON ORE = 3 x Iron Ingots + 3 x Steel Ingots =

= 3 x (20x3+20X3+20X3) + 3 X (10x3+10X3+10X3) =810 iron ore

- LUMP OF COAL = #STEEL INGOTS = 10x3+10X3+10X3 = 90 = 9 stacks of 10

- PLATINUM ORE = 2 x Darksteel Ingot =

            = 2 x (20x3+20X3+20X3) = 360 platinum ore


            = 180 = 18 stacks of 10


            = 2 x (50x3+50x3+50x3) = 900 Mithril ore


            - 2 x (3x5) = 30 orichaclum ore

- GLOBS OF ECTOPLASM = 1x3+1x3+5+1x3+1x3 = 17 globs of ectoplasm

- CATALYST (i.e. Thermocatalytic Reagent) =

= 10x3+10x3+10x3+50+10x3+50+10x5+10x5+10x5 = 370 = 37 stacks of 10


            = 4 x (20x3) = 240 soft wood logs


            = 3 x (20x3) = 180 hard wood logs


            = 3 x (10x3) = 90 hard wood logs


            = 3 x (50x3) = 450 elder wood logs


            = 3 x (2x5) = 30 ancient wood logs

- PILES OF CRYSTALLINE DUST = 10+5+5 = 20 piles of crystalline dust


            = 100 x 5 = 500 dragonite ores


            = 100 x 5 = 500 empyrean fragments


            = 100 x 5 = 500 bloodstone dust

- OBSIDIAN SHARDS = 2x5+2x5+2x5 = 30 obsidian shards


The only fixed cost (in terms of gold) comes from the various qualities of reagents required. This breaks down to:

-          Lump of Coal = 9 stacks x 1,6 silver = 14 silver 40 bronze

-          Lump of Primordium = 18 stacks x 4,80 silver = 86 silver 4 bronze

-          Thermocatalytic Reagent = 37 stacks x 14,96 silver = 5 gold 54 silver


Adding this to the 3 gold required for the one-time purchase of the Weapon’s recipe, it yields a total of 9 gold 54 silver (plus change).


The following assumptions have been made:

(a)    one will not buy the 5x Tier 6 materials required for the Exotic Inscription

(b)   one will gather all common raw materials required (wood, ore)

(c)    the cost of acquiring the Exotics that must be salvaged (unknown number anyway, since luck is involved) to get the 10x Globs of Dark Matter has not been taken into account – these can either be bought off the TP or crafted by self and then salvaged for Dark Matter globs

(d)   the cost to acquire the required Obsidian Shards must be added to either that of karma (2,100 karma per piece) or laurels (3 laurels per 3 shards); alternatively one can get Obsidian Shards from BUY-4373 in exchange for 15 Fractal Relics)

(e)    the possibility to get an Exotic Inscription from salvaging a non-crafted Exotic item has been ignored also; such a situation would greatly decrease the cost of course


Moment of truth


1. Is it affordable?

   At 25k karma, 5 laurels, 20 skill points and roughly 10 gold, one could be easily fooled into saying an enthusiastic ‘YES’. Two words of caution mates: Globs of Dark Matter and Globs of Ectoplasm. Think how many exotics you’ll have to destroy (multiply that by 1,5g these days but it’s going to get a lot higher soon!) as well as the number of rares that shall share the same fortune (these are easy to acquire though). Throw in the equation the factor of luck and you can easily picture a lot of broken hearted –and broke too!- people over the next few months.


2. Will it take me 2 weeks to craft it?

   Considering the amount of gatherable materials required but, more importantly, the large quantities of (randomly acquired) ascended raw materials (like Dragonite Ore and the like), I’d say one has to be either really lucky or farm their ar$e off to make it so soon.


3. Is it worth crafting though?

   Its stats are on par with a Legendary's with the same number and type of upgrade slots (thanks to @thej for correcting me on this!) and it costs far less to make. Again, the easy answer here is 'yes'. But I would be a fool to claim it can compare to the latter in terms of versatility, appearance or sheer grandeur. Instead I will rephrase my question to: should I go about crafting an Ascended weapon now or hold on to my money and precious resources until craftable precursors come our way? Short answer is 'yes' - and let me explain why.

   My guess -and note that this is just that: a guess!- is that ArenaNet's move serves two purposes. The first is to delay, as much as possible, the introduction of craftable precursors. Players can now somewhat quench their thirst for owning top-notch weapons which, more importantly, they have crafted themselves; surely it's not the same as yielding a Legendary but it does go a great distance towards it. Second, it is meant as a sink for many of the game's currencies: laurels, skill points, gold, rares & exotics, and globs of ectoplasm. Couple this with the second sink they're introducing (Essenses of Luck from fine & masterwork items) and you see the greater picture. Mr. John Smith, ArenaNet’s resident economist (the name does strike a creepy chord, like "Agent Smith", doesn't it?) admits that the upcoming changes will be "resetting equilibriums and creating some unfamiliar market forces". Already the prices on some of the T2-T5 materials are showing an unprecedented rise on TP. My feeling is that ArenaNet plans to give it enough time for the game's market to find its new point of balance, while players gradually run out of money and materials. This is going to take some time I think, but noone can estimate how much. As soon as this happens and players once again start asking eagerly for something new to bite at, ArenaNet is going to give us craftable Ascended Armors! They already said this is coming later this year. Where does this lead us then? I think it's a safe conclusion to assume that craftable precursors will not come until early next year -or even later than that! Noone can and certainly noone should wait this long to get their hands on a masterfully crafted, beautifully swang weapon.

Get down to work and craft your very own Ascended Weapon(s) now!

20 comment(s) so far...


Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

I really appreciate that the guide is clean and neat.

I'll be constantly checking back and forth at the tables that you have presented, in order to be aware of what I should be aiming for at any given time.

Thank you!

By Tilion on   9/2/2013 6:24 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

"It's stats are on par with a Legendary's, it features one extra upgrade slot and it costs far less to make. "
1) *Its
2) No, it has the same number of upgrade slots as a legendary.
3) It is cheaper, correct.

By thej on   9/2/2013 8:38 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

@thej : Thank you for commenting -and correcting me!

By thevalliant on   9/2/2013 9:09 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

2 ore per mithril ingot.

By toady on   9/3/2013 2:09 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

oh nick :D you already wrote a respect

By Mogrey665 on   9/3/2013 2:20 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Hardcore game time is coming for little shadeblue >.> cant wait for my super powerful daggers "first i have to maximise weaponsmith >_<"

By Shadeblue on   9/3/2013 2:48 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

NOTE: Guide updated (09/04/2013) regarding the required materials. Changes:

- iron ore (reduced)
- lump of coal (reduced)
- thermocatalytic reagent (+10)
- soft/hard/elder wood log (increased)
- seasoned wood log (new)
- minor change on total cost

By thevalliant on   9/4/2013 9:37 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Regarding the last paragraph...
Crafting precursor confirmed for the end of the year

By Anonym on   9/4/2013 1:11 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

@Anonym: thank you for this reddit bit, I wasn't aware of it! I know Colin had mentioned the same thing earlier this summer in another interview (it's hard to keep track with this guy!) but I still have this awful, gut-twisting feeling that we will not be seeing craftable precursors in 2013. May I prove disgracefully mistaken, I can take it! With grace ^^

By thevalliant on   9/4/2013 1:34 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

No Problem.
You've made a really good guide and we may agree with many of your conclusions.

By Anonym on   9/4/2013 2:04 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Ectoplasma refinement is on a 12h timer

By Grom on   9/5/2013 12:43 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

thank you so much for this guide . it is very useful

By Gravelord Nito on   9/6/2013 2:15 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Ascended Weapons are easier to make then a Legendary, but Imo Legendaries look better and to waste all that time n money on something that looks like crap is not worth it. Exotics are a lil less in stats but get the job done. IF u want to blow yer wad for the best of the best- go for it. If u like pretty things, i'd wait a bit n see what happens.
Still I'd level yer weaponsmithing to 450 and cash in on selling the mats for those weapons! :)

By Doug E Fresh on   9/8/2013 4:24 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

I've already maxed my smithing to 500 to makes some money off the foos who want ugly weapons. I've got most mats minus precursor for legendary and am debating myself which way to go. I think if i could sell a ascended, i might make it n then buy a precursor :)

By mixmaster mike on   9/8/2013 4:29 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

@mixmaster mike - Beware, ascended weapons are account bound. Try selling the materials that you need in order to craft them.

By Tilion on   9/8/2013 12:16 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Nice guide - thanks. But I think you make too light of the requirements. I have now 6 spiritwood planks and 6 deldrimor ingots and could make the inscription. There are a lot of exotics to be made to get to 500 from 468. But the real problem is the empyreal and dragonite stuff. After a week of Hard playing (and I mean hard) I have 28 emps and 48 drag. Since 500 of each is needed, unless ANet changes the drop rate dramatically I'm just gonna sell my stuff while it is still valuable.

By Ffletcher on   9/12/2013 4:31 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

@Ffletcher: thank you for commenting. You've probably haven't noticed that this guide has nothing to do with how you raise your crafting discipline from 400 to 500. It is only and strictly about crafting the weapon itself. Of course you need to get your craft to 500 but that is an entirely different issue. Intentionally I opted NOT to get into that, for reasons discussed in the specific thread in our forum, which you can find here: . You are welcome to post there - we will be very happy to know what everyone thinks about this issue, answer questions and even help each other out!

p.s. I don't know what you mean by 'hard playing', but imho it is not so difficult to acquire these asc. materials. If you do only the 10 'popular' world bosses once (i.e. one day, one toon) you will get an average of 50 dragonite ores. And if you do the 12 jumping puzzles you need for the monthly achievement, you'll get at least 60 empyreals.

By thevalliant on   9/12/2013 7:09 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

every dungeon run gives you 20 empyreal fragments and every temple in orr gives you 30 dragonite's not that hard to create an ascended weapon at all

By Mogrey665 on   9/17/2013 7:45 AM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

Nice post!
It's helping me a lot, thx!

By Leandro on   9/29/2013 4:10 PM

Re: Crafted Ascended Weapons - A Guide

@Anonym (et al.) Colin confirmed last night with a post on the official forum that "the precursor building (and corresponding additional legendary items) is the one highest at risk to not make it this year." This, combined with the facts that they only just recently gave us craftable ascended weapons and that craftable ascended armor is around the corner (wiki already has been updated with ascended refined materials for this! See: Xunlai Electrum Ingot & Bolt of Damask) make me absolutely convinced that we will NOT see a change in precursor acquisition in 2013. And I am sad, naturally.

p.s. my Excel workbook (Ascended Weapon Crafting calculator) has been updated again ;)

By thevalliant on   10/8/2013 7:27 AM

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