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Apr 9

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After spending 2 (evenings) by 3 hours in ‘The Box’, I realized that having fun –which I did! Immensely, too- and collecting accolades –aka achievements- were two separate and in most aspects incompatible things. So I turned to my favorite source of guides and information to see what I’d been doing wrong. As it turned out, quite a few things. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of World 1 then, carefully compiled in a way that minimizes the time required to unlock all 17 achievements and get the treasured Title.



  1.       Start in Infantile mode

  2.       W1-z1: do NOT fight any monsters – navigate directly to the specified locations below!

a.      buy Digger – second shop in zone 1 – 100 Baubles

b.      buy Whip – second shop in zone 1 – 150 Baubles

c.       rainbow-travel to end & defeat the 'boss' (i.e. destroy the Cage). If you do it without getting killed AND without using a health potion you get the Minor in Immortality & Minor in Fortitude achievements

  3.       W1-z2: do NOT fight any monsters – navigate directly to the specified locations below!

a.      buy Mini Bomb – First or second shop in zone 2 – 200 Baubles

b.      get Candle – Third shop in zone 2

c.      backtrack to find the worm hole shortcut - yields the Bachelor of Pioneering achievement

d.      exit to Rata Sum

  4.       Start in Infantile mode – now it’s time to fight and get dirty!

  5.       W1-z1

a.      Get all baubles - yields the Associate of Baubles achievement

b.      Dig for secret ones - counts towards [X/100 digs]

c.      Find all the secret rooms - yields the Associate of Secrets achievement

  6.       W1-z2

a.      Get all baubles - yields the Bachelor of Baubles achievement

b.      Dig for secret ones - counts towards [X/100 digs]

c.      Find all the secret rooms - yields the Bachelor of Secrets achievement

  7.       W1-z3

a.      Rainbow-travel to the end - yields the Minor in Elusion achievement

b.      getting there also unlocks the Baby’s First Super Adventure achievement

c.      Rainbow-travel back to start of zone

d.      Get all baubles - yields the Master of Baubles achievement

e.      Dig for secret ones - counts towards [X/100 digs]

f.       Find all the secret rooms - yields the Master of Secrets achievement

  •     (5.a)+(6.a)+(7.d) yield the Doctor of Baubles achievement
  •     (5.c)+(6.c)+(7.f) yield the Doctor of Secrets achievement
  •     X 100 yields the Minor in Excavation achievement

g.      Buy Bauble Purse – Shops in zone 3 – 250 Baubles

h.      Unlock Moto’s BreathFourth hidden room in zone 3 (elite skill)

i.       Defeat Frog King to get extra heart slot

j.       (7.g)+(7.h)+(7.i) yield the Minor in Enhancement achievement

  8.       Enter in normal mode

  9.       Rush to end of W1-z3

10.       Defeat Frog King yields the Scholar achievement

  • After unlocking the 16th (Scholar) achievement you also get the Minor in Achievement… achievement, rewarded with the Distinction in Applied Jumping Title!


1. This walkthrough assumes you already know how to get to ‘The Box’ and how to select either Infantile or Normal mode. Should you have any questions about these, I recommend you read the generic info on dulfy’s excellent guide!

2. Starting cost is 450 baubles (100+150+200). If you do not have them already – either from the magic chests that spawned all over Tyria during April Fool’s Day or from previous adventures in ‘The Box’- you have to do some harvesting before you start proper.

3. (However) Since you cannot earn/carry more than 250 Baubles at any given time in the SAB (rather silly, if you ask me, but it’s there anyway), you have to exit and re-enter between steps #1 and #2.

4. When you reach the shop in zone 3 you will be able to purchase a Bauble Purse, which can hold as many as 500 Baubles making trips to Rata Sum a less frequent necessity. You can earn the (extra) 250 Baubles required to purchase Bauble Purse inside W1-z3, so enter it directly – empty-pocketed.

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Re: The Box - Tips and Tricks

Extra tip:
To kill a queen bee dog start attacking it with the whip, and then alternate between basic attack and whip (or auto whip and keep using auto attack after u see whip being used), these give you plenty of orbs, wich are good for the purchases mentioned above

By Alice Calieru on   4/9/2013 9:03 PM

Re: The Box - Tips and Tricks

nice mate :) like it ^^

By Mogrey665 on   4/9/2013 9:07 PM

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