Pink Day in LA is coming!

Oct 12

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10/12/2012 4:51 PM 


Years can indeed fly by without even noticing. Some special moments though take place and get engraved in your memory, as if they were always there. For me one of those particular moments could be my very first interaction with the community of the Guild Wars franchise.  This took place about twelve months ago during the events of “Pink Day in LA 2011”.

Although such a flashback could get me burst into tears, i guess that there’s always an available margin which instructs us to overcome ourselves. Pink Day is here to stay and this time it’s going to be bigger, featuring a wider pool of in game prizes and swag to give away! What truly matters the most though is that this event will always be human; it will always reminds us Gamers that we can all fight for a great cause.

Pink Day in LA, this time around, will take place in both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 on the 20th of October. As for ArenaNet’s fresh bud, the fine folks of Gaming World Entertainment Network were obliged to follow its brand new server based system. One golden rule was applied at this stage of negotiations. Everyone should be able to join the event! Thus said, we were proposed to host Pink Day for “Aurora Glade”. Tell me now, who could resist such an offer?

All in all this post shouldn’t be that much lengthy. Cause all these Riddles, Trivia, Scavenger Hunts and Crafting Contests will have the common goal of spreading Breast Cancer Awareness like a true cure. :)

Would you like to learn more about this upcoming event? Be sure to check out the following link to stay up to date with all the latest Pink Day gossip that goes around the Web:


Looking forward to see all of you people, in game, during the event.

Share the love with everyone and spread the word that Gamers can indeed Give Back.


Do you want to help us organize the event? Throw me a PM (Name’s Tilion) to let me know of your willingness to contribute.


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Re: Pink Day in LA is coming!

I would like to participate! And Tillion, that was a very nice read thank you.

By keeoma on   10/19/2012 9:59 PM

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