Crafting in Guild Wars 2 - An in depth view

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There are eight crafting disciplines players can choose from.

Weaponsmith – Weaponsmiths craft melee weapons, such as swords, axes and hammers.

Huntsman – Huntsmen craft ranged weapons like bows and pistols, as well as torches and warhorns.

Artificer – Artificers can craft magical weapons such as staves and scepters

Armorsmith – Armorsmiths are able to create heavy armor pieces.

Leatherworker – Leatherworkers craft medium armor pieces.

Tailor – Tailors craft light armor pieces.

Jewelcrafter – Jewelcrafters can craft jewelry, such as rings and necklaces.

Cook – Cooks prepare food which provide temporary combat buffs (Boons).

The entire crafting process during the “let’s get it started” step is really simple and shouldn’t give a hard time to anyone, if he's aware of several things. So, here i am, to present you the basic steps of crafting and clear any misguided players’ thoughts.

i) First of all you need materials. Gathering in Guild Wars 2 is a very simple process. There's no special NPCs with the task of teaching players certain skills attached to gathering. Any player can simply get a pickaxe and go mine some ore. Everyone should be aware of the fact though, that gathering is limited based on the amount of the currently carried gathering tools. So, keep in mind that when you see a merchant who provides such tools, be sure to buy stacks of gathering tools of the proper skill level.

Good news though is, that if you see a player aiming for a node that you also have eyes for, you don't have to get frustrated. The node won't go anywhere even after that player used it. That’s right, all crafting areas are instanced to your character, thus no player can “steal” them from you.

ii) Secondly, what you need is refining your already gathered materials into proper components. This is a common aspect in every similar MMO. The player must take the unprocessed materials and reform them into new components. These are going to be used during the last steps of our process in order to create the final items with the help of recipes, patterns, formulas or designs.

For example, you can’t use the ore that you just gathered in order to craft weapons straight of the bat. You have to bring it with you at an appropriate crafting station, so that you can smelt it and form ore ingots. Likewise, if you have any linen rugs you can reform them into bolts of linen cloth or you can turn some scrapped leather into fine leather and so on.

A forge found in Black Citadel

iii) When you're done with the refinement process and you have prepared all the required ingredients, it's time for a little creativity action! You can begin by combining them appropriately into basic components that have to do with the final items. For example, if you are about to create a chest piece of armor, you must first prepare its' components, which would be the sleeves and the torso. When these two are finally ready, you can then an insignia (or a gemstone) which will define your item’s attributes. Please keep in mind that those last components may also be a rare monster drop.

iv) The last step of them all has to do with the final assemblage. When you've got all the required components, you can start combining them into your desired item. Using our last example, you take the sleeves and the torso along with the insignia and craft them into a single equipable item! Each insignia will give the item its' appropriate attributes.

If you take the aforementioned sleeves, along with the torso component and combine them with an Insignia of Power, you will be able to create a chest item, the main attribute of which will be based on Power (Power increases the damage points that you cause to your enemy). If you try to create a different chest piece of armor using the exact same sleeves and torso components, but this time combining with them an Insignia of Vitality, you will get the exact same chest item differentiated only on the main attribute. For his case, that is going to be Vitality (Vitality increases the hit points of your character).

Obviously higher level insignias and gemstones will provide a better variety of item attributes. A nice example would be a shield that has Power and Toughness (Toughness reduces the overall damage taken from enemy hits) on it.

The UI screen of a Jeweler creating a component.

Congratulations! You've just made your first item. This one is going to be stored for you in the list of crafting pieces so that you can re-craft it any time again and again. This is the way of discovering patterns and recipes that have to do with any crafting discipline. Of course, there are more than one ways of obtaining crafting recipes. Some of them are sold by common merchants and some are even be given away for Karma from Event Vendors. These last ones are unlocked as you progress through the PvE areas of the game.


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Re: Crafting in Guild Wars 2 - An in depth view

Quick start guide for beginners.
Didn't have the chance to try out crafting myself, thanks for the tutorial!

By Hyperion on   5/28/2012 11:56 PM

Re: Crafting in Guild Wars 2 - An in depth view

Thank you!!
And i would like to invite any english speaking friends to RaidCall and answer any questions that they might have while discussing any aspect of the game :)

By SephBlades on   5/29/2012 11:04 AM

Re: Crafting in Guild Wars 2 - An in depth view

I have not dealt with the crafting of the game and find the guide very useful, thing is that this time reading the guide will try to craft

We thank you shared with us

By uriens on   5/30/2012 6:00 PM

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