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May 5

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By merging the Rift Events of... Rift and the Public Quests of Warhammer Online, Guild Wars 2 arrives to bring us the open world Dynamic Events.

Dynamic Events replace today's arduous and boring quests and introduce a dynamic element in the world of Tyria, making the players accountable of what is happening to the environment. Furthermore, if you think that by bringing your friends along you're going to steamroll your progress through Guild Wars 2 you are heavily deceived.
I will try to present this mechanic to all of those people who are new to the world of Guild Wars 2, by employing only a few examples.

Imagine you are merrily strolling around the world, when you notice in the horizon a camp of humans under attack by Centaurs. The entire scenery is chaotic with explosions, flames, damaged walls and burnt tends while lifeless bodies lie everywhere.

In an ordinary MMO your opening move would be to approach the camp and look for an NPC, typically called Quest Givers, who would give you your next set of quests: go kill some Centaurs or find some other way to drive them away. In Guild Wars 2 there is no such thing as 'quest givers' nor separate quests. When you’ll enter the area where the attack of the Centaurs is taking place an event will trigger with the title “Push the Centaur horde back!”.  Underneath the title you will notice a small text describing what actions you can take in order to achieve said objective - such as “Kill Centaurs, revive fallen fellow fighters, gather tools and lost equipment and destroy Centaur’s supply crates”.

As you can easily understand, the game doesn’t force you to do any one thing in order to advance. Each player can do as they like. Perhaps a player doesn’t feel like killing at the moment as much as catering for some less bloodthirsty task, thus he can complete the event merely by collecting items from the ground and/or destroying the supplies. Or maybe he likes to help his fallen comrades and get through the event only by reviving them as they fall under the blades of the Centaurs. And half way through the event he/she may very well choose to pick a different task to perform.

One of the Bosses that you are going to face, during a Dynamic Event.

In any case, each and every action a player makes in that certain area contributes towards the completion of the event which is to force the Centaurs to retreat. Naturally the player has a given amount of time to accomplish the task and if he fails the humans will lose the camp, which will be occupied from now on by the Centaurs. At this point the entire script of the area will shift towards a previous place where the humans will regroup and attempt to get back their camp. Obviously, when I say that you have a limited amount of time, I do not mean seconds. The time you have at your disposal is more than enough to drive the horde back.

Now, during the initial attack of the Centaurs if more players join the fight, the entire event’s difficulty will scale upwards making this whole siege vastly more epic and entertaining than it was otherwise. You’ll see centaurs multiplying in numbers and gaining increased power, vitality and even new skills.

In case you do win the initial event (“Push the Centaur horde back!”), the camp will sort of “unlock” for all the players in the region, providing a few vendors with unique items such as equipment items and/or crafting materials for the player to buy, as well as a waypoint where the player can teleport to or from that camp to other places. Obviously, upon the completion of the event the player is granted automatically with Experience Points, coins, karma points and items appropriate to your profession. The rewards vary for each event.

Ending this, I should point out that the days where a player could camp and farming certain mobs, making the entire gameplay experience of the other players frustrating, are coming to an end as every action a player takes contributes towards not the quest itself but towards the event of a specific area.

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